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Alterations in Brain and Immune Function Produced by Mindfulness Meditation

RICHARD J. DAVIDSON, PHD, JON KABAT-ZINN, PHD, JESSICA SCHUMACHER, MS, MELISSA ROSENKRANZ, BA, DANIEL MULLER, MD, PHD, SAKI F. SANTORELLI, EDD, FERRIS URBANOWSKI, MA, ANNE HARRINGTON, PHD, KATHERINE BONUS, MA, AND JOHN F. SHERIDAN, PHD Objective The underlying changes in biological processes that are associated with reported changes in mental and physical health in response…

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Multivariate techniques enable a biochemical classification of children with autism spectrum disorder versus typically- developing peers: A comparison and validation study

Daniel P. Howsmon1,2 | Troy Vargason2,3 | Robert A. Rubin4 | Leanna Delhey5,6 | Marie Tippett5,6 | Shannon Rose5,6 | Sirish C. Bennuri5,6 | John C. Slattery6 | Stepan Melnyk6 | S. Jill James6 | Richard E. Frye7 | Juergen Hahn1,2,3 1 Dept. of Chemical & Biological Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY 12180 2…

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