About Dr. MacHatch

  • PhD (Cognitive Neuroscience)
  • MPsych (Clin)
  • Registration #: PSY0001628736
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I am a Clinical Psychology Registrar and I completed my PhD in Cognitive
Neuroscience at Southern Cross University (NSW, Australia), and my Master in
Clinical Psychology at the University of Queensland (QLD, Australia). I am
passionate about delivering evidence-based treatment in a warm and supportive
manner, with a client-directed focus. I am committed to achieving positive outcomes
for my clients. I believe in working collaboratively with you to help you gain insight
and understanding of the problem, and to formulate goals you would like to work

I will assist you to understand your own psychological processes, will teach you
practical skills to manage your thoughts, feelings and behaviours to achieve relief
from your symptoms, improve your quality of life and prevent relapse. I will help you
solve problems such as dependence to cigarettes or other substances, deal with a
work-related problem, manage stress, relationship difficulties or simply learn to
problem-solve. I have extensive experience working with individuals (children,
adolescents, adults) with Autism Spectrum Disorder. I am very fortunate to have
worked alongside experts in this area such as Professor Tony Attwood, under who’s
guidance I trained. I also have experience treating anxiety, depression, stress and
interpersonal difficulties. I worked in a variety of settings, including treating
traumatized children in remote Australia; I also have worked in psychiatric teams and
in teams treating degenerative cognitive conditions such as Parkinson’s disease; I
also have experience working with people suffering from Diabetes and Complex
Obesity as well as people struggling with Eating Disorders.

I am an accredited Triple P provider which means I have experience delivering the
most effective parenting programs, helping parents better understand and manage
difficulties that arise with raising children, whether they are little ones, adolescents,
children with physical or cognitive disabilities, or children whose parents are going
through a divorce. I have a deep appreciation and understanding of people from
different cultures, including Indigenous Australians.

I have specialist training and experience delivering evidence-based therapies such
as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Applied
Behaviour Analysis. These treatments have been found to be effective in providing
significant psychological benefits. I also have special interests in neuroscience and
behavioural psychology. My approach has been effective in treating depression,
anxiety, stress and trauma, coping with parenting, loss and separation, and
relationship problems.

Autism Spectrum Disorder, Parenting, Bullying, Depression, Anxiety, Trauma and
Stress-Related Disorders, Relationship difficulties, Health Psychology, Body Image
and Eating Disorders.