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"I have specialist training and experience delivering evidence-based therapies such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Applied Behaviour Analysis. These treatments have been found to be effective in providing significant psychological benefits. I also have special interests in neuroscience and behavioural psychology. My approach has been effective in treating depression, anxiety, stress and trauma, coping with parenting, loss and separation, and relationship problems."
Dr. Coralia MacHatch
PhD (Cognitive Neuroscience) / MPsych (Clin)

How it works

  • Contact us to book an initial online appointment
  • During the appointment your needs will be assessed, and a plan will be developed
  • Consultation duration: 50 minutes

Security & Privacy

Our platform is more secure and private than other video calling platforms. Our records are protected by the highest security standards. Our platform utilises the following security features:

  • Data security and encryption
  • End-to-end encrypted video link (no video data or personal information is shared with anyone except your psychologist)

Benefits Of Online Psychology Sessions

Progress Tracking

Your electronic records will offer the advantage that your progress will be easily accessed and monitored by your psychologist at all times.

Appointment Flexibility

Online appointments will give you the most flexibility so that you can attend your sessions wherever you are.

Easy Payment

Choose among the easiest and most secure worldwide payment options including PayPal and Stripe.

Cross Device Compatibility

Either you use a computer, or a smart phone. Our website is compatible and responsive with any device you might use.

Instant Communication

Our online psychology sessions implementation is 99% device ready. We provide you with a mobile phone application in case of browser incompatibility.

Easy to use interface

If you're able to reach our website, then the usage of our platform will be a piece of cake. No further technical knowledge is required.

Make your life beautiful

It has never been easier to book an online appointment with your psychologist!